Nature Therapy

The Magic Known As Nature Therapy

When was the last time you connect with nature?

Psychological and physical ailments are becoming more rampant these days. Children and adults alike suffer from several illnesses, including mental health issues like anxiety and depression. While our social environment is a huge factor that can affect both our physical and mental health, our physical environment can either make or break our path to wellness.

People who have health issues naturally rely on medications and other forms of therapy, aiming to get better. However, most often than not, such medications and therapy are expensive. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford them. 

But what if all you need to feel better again is just a simple, regular dose of nature?

Understanding Nature Therapy

Modern human beings have become more of indoor creatures. We spend most of our 24-hour days locking ourselves in enclosed spaces to do our daily tasks like sleep, eat, study, work, and even play. Even when traveling, we are still inside the comfort of our vehicles and we seldom travel on foot.

We have found convenience and comfort in our indoor shelters that we forgot what it’s like to live in the wilderness, just as our ancestors did.

“Nature itself is the best physician.”


But regular exposure to nature can calm an anxious mind and lift one’s spirit. And it can be beneficial to our physical well-being as well. A breath of fresh air is naturally detoxifying that it can clear our lungs while delivering fresh oxygen to our blood. An early morning sunbath is a great pick-me-up — it brings a ray of sunshine, literally and figuratively, to a weak body and/or disturbed mind.

This is why nature therapy is again being prescribed and recommended in these modern days: to remind the human race that we are indeed part of the living earth, and therefore should be regularly connected with nature.

Nature therapy, also known as ecotherapy or green therapy, is gaining more popularity among modern healthcare practitioners who believe that human beings are not separate from our environment.

Regular exposure to nature can calm an anxious mind and lift one’s spirit. A breath of fresh air is naturally detoxifying. An early morning sunbath is a great pick-me-up.

The core concept of nature therapy is about having a constant practice of connecting with the earth because it is essential to find physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual balance. 

The Power of Connecting With the Earth

Spending too much time indoors can be too distressing and it can have a negative impact on your overall well-being. On the other hand, nature or “the outdoors” has the power to alleviate all these negative effects that resulted from constantly enclosing yourself.

A Dose of Nature Helps Reduce Stress

A simple stroll around a park, with lush greens as your view, can bring your cortisol levels down. Too much cortisol, also known as the “stress hormones”, can be detrimental to your health. After all, too much stress is one of the major factors that cause both physical and mental illnesses. It’s important to manage your cortisol levels so to keep your health in check, and a dose of nature is an inexpensive yet effective stress antidote everyone can take without prescription.

Connecting With the Earth Promotes Healing

Aside from its ability to help quiet the mind and bring back internal harmony and peace, connecting with the earth can also aid with physical healing. In fact, according to WebMD, a regular dose of nature can help treat a variety of medical conditions, such as post-cancer fatigue, high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes.

Nature Boosts Energy

When you’re too exhausted dealing with the common demands of urban living, you can turn to nature for an instant pick-me-up. A moment of solitude under a big tree, with your sit bones grounded on a soft patch of grass, or perhaps walking barefoot on a sandy shore with the sound of the waves as your background music, can do a lot of wonders to your tired body and weary mind. 

A dose of nature is an inexpensive yet effective stress antidote everyone can take without prescription.

Nature Improves Psychological Health

Connecting with the ecological environment clears the brain of unwanted thoughts, detoxifies the mind, and provides a sense of peace and calm. The very scenery of nature can make one feel alive from the inside. People who are suffering from anxiety and depression are recommended to stay close to nature to improve their mental and emotional well-being.

Spending Time With Nature Awakens One’s Spirituality

An intimate relationship with the environment is built into the depths of your soul. A strong connection with nature reminds you that you are nature, not separate from it. Nature is, after all, a Divine creation. Once you make a habit and a lifestyle of connecting with the earth, you will also build a deep connection with yourself — not just with your physical and mental being, but also with the non-physical element of your body that is your spiritual being.

Nature is our natural antidote

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Nature is a natural source of effective antidote to most of mankind’s issues: from physical ailments, mental problems, emotional baggage, and even spiritual losses. Building a strong and regular connection with the earth can serve as a powerful balancing agent that brings our life back in harmony.

Nature in itself is a miracle. Sometimes, it’s all you need to nurture your mind, body, and soul.

A strong connection with nature reminds you that you are nature, not separate from it.

The busier and more stressful our lives have become, the more we need to spend time outdoors connecting with the earth and seeking nature’s therapeutic benefits.

Nature heals.

“To walk with nature is to witness a thousand miracles.”

Mary Davis

Again, when was the last time you connect with nature?


  1. I agree that we are meant to interact with nature.

    Recently, a neighbor and I have been walking together to pick our kids up from school. The fresh air mixed with friendly conversation does wonders for my mood.

    Then, there are also times when I just want to be alone outside (such as when I wrote this poem:

    Thanks for the post. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. […] Nature therapy is one of the most effective ways of healing — not only the root chakra, but mostly all parts of our being. Because most of us have become more indoor creatures, sometimes the cause of our anxiety, lack of self-confidence, and blocked root chakra is our lack of connection to the earth. Human beings are not — and should not be — separated from our environment.  […]


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