The Lone Rider: This Man Chose to Live a Nomadic Lifestyle

Everyone in this world has a goal. Sometimes, in order to achieve something, we have to fail. There are some goals which are actually unplanned — we just discover them through life’s circumstances.

This is the story of Ceasar “Gigit” Sulit, a lone-traveler and self-proclaimed nomad. Mr. Sulit happened to uncover his life’s calling after he experienced several misfortunes in life.

Misfortunes had to happen to manifest what has been lined up as his “destined personal legend”.

His experiences are humbling and interesting — he is successful in a different perspective, and his inspiring journey towards the unknown is something the youth can learn from. According to him, his misfortunes had to happen to manifest what has been lined up for him as his “destined personal legend”.

A Heartbreaking & Humbling Past

Mr. Sulit used to live what we know as an ordinary and normal life. He had a wife, two kids, a townhouse in suburban Toronto, and a job as a web designer for a Fortune 500 company.

He and his wife were too devoted to their kids that they forgot each other — and this was one of the many reasons that led to their divorce. The divorce, however, is just the beginning of a series of unfortunate events that he had to encounter.

Shortly after his divorce, he had a bad argument with his boss which got him fired. Then his children chose not to talk to him as if he didn’t exist.

He now lives a minimalist lifestyle and can squeeze all his properties in a backpack. He doesn’t carry things out of want — only the essentials.

Losing both his family and his job seemed to be a cruel fate, but later he realized that these circumstances had to happen so he can pursue what he has longed to do all his life: to make traveling a lifestyle and live like a modern nomad.

The Challenges of Living a Nomadic Life

Living a nomadic life is an exciting journey. What inspired him to do this is the idea of meeting different people, learning about different cultures, and the thought of facing the unknown from time to time. This made him learn a lot of things that he tend to overlook before, and he also realized that the world doesn’t revolve around him.

Aside from being a nomad, he is also a minimalist. He can squeeze everything he owns into his backpack — he doesn’t carry things out of want, only the essentials.

The Universe usually provides and most of the time, help comes in the dying seconds.

He faces many obstacles in his everyday journey, especially that he’s doing this with very little money. Fortunately, the universe usually provides and has not allowed him to go hungry or sleep on a sidewalk. However, he couldn’t deny the fact that he still worries and is sometimes losing faith.

There were times when he was down to his last dollar and was two meals away from going hungry. But most of the time, help comes in the dying seconds. According to him, “it’s something so counter-intuitive to human evolution that he could not help his mind racing at all times.”

Legacy, Mantra, and Advice to the Youth

There is a horizon far infinite than what is visible to most human eyes. We just have to take faith and trust in that.

Mr. Sulit’s mantra is: “We are one. We are connected. I am you, you are me. Harming you harms me.”

He encourages the youth to move out of their comfort zone and follow whatever it is that their heart desires, as only this can bring them true bliss. Sometimes, failures and misfortunes had to happen because it’s the way the universe talks to you in a language only you will understand. You just have to allow yourself to be guided by the Guiding Hand.

Bottom Line: Is Being a Nomad His Personal Legend?

Living a nomadic life and going to different places is something that he longed to do all his life.

Success is subjective. One person’s idea of success may be different from yours. It really depends on what your goal is.

But according to Mr. Sulit, he feels that it’s just a means to something else, not the goal unto itself. However, he seriously hopes he doesn’t find out what that something else is, because, as he said, “the journey is too beautiful to arrive at a destination.”

Shall we consider him as a successful person? I personally think success is subjective. One person’s idea of success may be different from yours, and that doesn’t mean one is more wrong or right that the other. It really depends on what your goal is.

“Failure is a key to success, and sometimes, the portkey to our destiny.”

Mr. Sulit may not be as rich and famous as the typical “successful individuals”, but he lives the life which the Universe has led him to, and his heart is in bliss and at peace.

And that alone is more than enough to be grateful for.

To find out more about Gigit Sulit, you may visit his blog here:

This interview write-up was originally done and submitted as a project for Grade 7 English.

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