The Sea and The Shore

The relationship between the sea and the shore
Is a special connection no one understands before

The sea protects the shore
The shore supports the sea
Both are indulging in each other's company
In togetherness they are bound
In each other, love they have found

Their kisses sing a melodic sound
Yet even though they are in the same place
They don't fail to give each other some space

Not everyone is as lucky to be a shore to the sea, or a sea to the shore

They both enjoy the art of giving
Both are equally good at receiving

They understand the importance of sharing
The shore gives way to the sea during high tide
While the sea does the same during low tide
Their relationship is neither selfish nor greedy
Time and space don't prevent them to connect fully

If you are in this kind of relationship, be grateful
For not everyone is as lucky to be a shore to the sea,
or a sea to the shore.

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