So Long, 2019

What a blessed year it has been
One of the most wonderful years I've seen
Although life was difficult these years
I thrive and conquer my fears

Yes it’s true, at some point, I’ve cried. But the most important thing is, I tried.

I've encountered a lot of trials and pain
But then, without pain, there's no gain
Yes it's true, at some point, I've cried
But the most important thing is, I tried
And I know I did my best
My heart is full, nonetheless
I pick myself up when I fall
And I'm proud to say, I survived them all

I pick myself up when I fall. And I’m proud to say, I survived them all…

Now that the new year is here
We can start with a new slate, clean and clear
There will be new challenges to face
But we will make it -- this is just another phase

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  1. This was a beautiful poem. As I go through my ups and downs of life, at 35 I am beginning to see that no matter where you find yourself, having a hard time or smooth sailing through the days, you are on a journey to better yourself. This journey is about the choices you make and the person you show yourself to be.

    And so when you find yourself in a down period, remember that after every down comes another up period. So no matter how low you feel, it will get better. And then when you swing into the next up period, use that time to appreciate how good and different it feels from the down periods, for these times will be the fond memories that will carry you through the hard times.

    Up and down you’ll go,
    but through it all you’ll show
    The person you were meant to be
    The kind of person we all want to see
    So keep you head held high
    And through the skies you’ll fly
    On to greater and greater happenings
    On to a better way of human beings.

    Much love and luck and light and leisure as you progress through your moments. There is much fun and wisdom and wealth of happiness to be found in every moment. Enjoy the ride!


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