Free Yoga Classes

Want to do yoga at the comfort of your own home or just about anywhere? You got it! We have compiled Simply Beni’s free yoga classes for you. These yoga sessions are ideal for both beginners and experienced yoga students who want to keep their practice burning anytime, anywhere.

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Yoga with Beni

Twist & Core Flow (50 minutes)

Twist and Core Flow is a series of twists and core-strengthening poses that will ignite the solar plexus chakra. This practice aims to fire up the core while energizing the entire body.

Hello Hips Vinyasa (67 Minutes)

Hello Hips Vinyasa is a series of hip-opening yoga poses that will ignite your sacral chakra. This one-hour practice is a combination of both active flow and passive stretching which will energize and calm you at the same time.

Grounding Vinyasa (43 minutes)

Grounding Vinyasa is a series of grounding yoga poses that focus to stimulate the root chakra. This flow aims to reconnect both our physical and mental being back to the earth. This practice helps build stability and strength as we move from one pose to another, while keeping our body firmly rooted and our mind steadily grounded.

Isometric Hatha Flow (36 minutes)

Isometric Hatha Yoga is a series of asanas that focuses on the breath. This yoga class promotes stability and resistance by holding the poses for a longer period than usual. We will flow from one pose to another after we hold each pose for around 45 seconds. This class will help you build both physical and mental strength, as well as teach you patience and focus.

Pure Core Flow (45 Minutes)

Pure Core Flow is a series of core-strengthening moves that will keep your heart pumping. This class has less yoga and more core workout. It builds body heat and will burn more calories when practiced with proper breathing.

Power Core Flow (45 Minutes)

Power Core Flow is a regular vinyasa that focuses on core-strengthening poses and movements. Be ready to move with your breath while building strength from the core and more.

Dynamic Yoga Flow (47 minutes)

Dynamic Yoga Flow is a vinyasa with simple yoga poses made challenging by adding dynamic and repetitive movements. This session will keep your heart pumping as well as build endurance, balance, and strength.

Progressive Vinyasa (41 minutes)

Progressive Vinyasa is a yoga flow that builds up throughout the practice. We will try to master the poses and flow by continuously repeating it, but we will make it more challenging by adding more poses as we progress. This will enhance your memory, your focus, and breath-to-movement connection.

Power Vinyasa (46 Minutes)

Power Vinyasa is an active yoga flow that helps build endurance, balance, and breath stability. Although this may be a simple flow, we include a few intermediate poses in between to keep the practice challenging.

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